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Welcome to The Manyaman Blog, your one stop spot for everything Manyaman! Now, what exactly does "Manyaman" mean? Let me explain. In the Pampango dialect of the Philippines, this is the one word that describes food that is undeniably tasty, mouth-watering, and flavorful. In short, it means absolutely delicious!

A little about myself: My name is Michael Sibal, a 21 year old college student working part time as head chef in my own family kitchen :) Being a Kapampangan, I pride myself in the well known culinary talent of my people. Through this blog, I hope to bring Filipino cuisine into a new light, with my own Pampango twist of course. Occasionally, I will post dishes that are more Asian Inspired, or not Filipino at all, but nonetheless, every dish I cook will surely be Manyaman. Thanks for visiting my page!

*NOTE: All the dishes posted in this blog are photographed by me, and more importantly cooked by me (Unless reblogged)
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roldiegomez Asked: Makaranup ia ing account mu. Sana datang ing aldo, ing atakman mi ing lutu mu. = )


Dakal a salamat Roldie! Wapin ne, sana one day atin kung sariling restaurant haha


Hi guys! :) For all my tumblr followers that have INSTAGRAM, I just wanted to let you all know that I finally set up my Instagram account on my phone…so If you would like to see more manyaman dishes that aren’t posted in my blog, please follow me at:


Kare Kare-I am proud to say that this delicious Filipino, peanut based stew originated in Pampanga :) Whenever I cook this, I make sure to use lots of peanut butter, lots of ground toasted peanuts, and actually incorporate some of the bagoong (Which is usually served on the side) while sauteing…I also make sure the sauce has just the right consistency, not too thick and not too runny either. A little manyaman tip for you all: after you get the right consitency and desired tenderness of your meat, add about a half stick of butter into your Kare Kare. It will make your sauce more smooth, more savory, and of course more manyaman!

iamcacha Asked: Superr like your blog!


Thank you! Please keep following :)

BBQ Sisig-I guess the inner innovater came out of me with this dish haha. Last week, we had some left over BBQ pork ribs in the fridge and they tasted a little too bland for me…so what did I do? Well, I deboned them, chopped up the meat into smaller pieces along with some red onions, and turned the boring bbq into some delicious sisig! I also fried up some chicharon, chopped that up as well and added it on the grill with the meat. It came out amazing :) It had a perfect balance of the slight sweetness from the bbq marinade, and the fresh citrusy flavor of calamansi. So what advice can I give all my fellow cooks out there? Never settle for boring left overs. Be creative, be innovative, and turn something boring into something Manyaman!

Paella De Valenciana- It’s been awhile since my last post, so I decided to post a very special, super Manyaman dish up that could somehow make up for all the days I haven’t posted hahah. This seafood rice dish comes from Valencia Spain, and though it takes some time and patience it cook, it is well worth it in the end. After three trials of making this Paella, I FINALLY perfected my recipe! Hopefully one day I can actually travel to Spain and taste some authentic Paella…but until then, my Paella will do :)

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shin-laguh Asked: hi koy,,wow absolutely like your blog page,,ehehe,,kanyaman naman talaga,,king pic pa,,kumwa kupang recipies kene,,thanks for your blog,,,mailig ku naman maglutu,,,i know chu na ngan king daya tamu ing manyaman maglutu,,i like the intro of your blog,,super nice and detailed,,,:)


Hi there :) Dakal a salamat for all your compliments! I’m glad you’re gonna try out some of my recipes. And I agree with you…At chu king daya tamu ing manyaman at biyasa maglutu! Aliwa talaga ing lutung Kapampangan. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

A Manyaman Christmas-Boboto (Pampanga Tamales), Suman, and Suman Bulagta are all traditional Kapampangan Christmas treats to have during this time of year :) I hope all you tumblr followers are having a very Merry Christmas surrounded by your loved ones, and of course, by lots of manyaman food! God Bless you All!

Filipino Menudo- Long time no post! But now that I’m on winter break, I’ll be sure to post lots of Manyaman dishes on here, like this Menudo! Can’t have a Filipino celebration without this medley of pork, hot dogs, potatoes and sweet peppers in a tomato based sauce :)

missnem Asked: Omg I found you, neighbor!!! Keep it up with the cooking. Looks so bomb! One day, I'm gonna unexpectedly come over and eat. I can smell it down the street hahaha jk. But I need to live up to my Kapampangan roots as well and start cooking too! Can't let my people down :)


Neighbor! I didn’t even know you had a tumblr :) Glad you found me! And yess, we needa keep out Kapampangan roots alive! Especially now that our parents are getting older hahah. See you around Junemy! Like driving down our street…or at Auntie Cora’s house or something lol

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